William F. Wolff 1922-2004

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William F. Wolff pursued several distinct themes in his work. Some areas of particular interest are presented here.

Religion & Mythology includes the two primary fascinations of Wolff's artwork––Biblical imagery primarily work surrounding the Apocalypse, and works based on Greek Mythology.

Geometry of the Mask
explores Wolff's ongoing fascination with the geometric form as it overlays the human frame. The mask in its theatrical form as well in its psychological aspect was often revisted by Wolff.

Faces and Lovers includes portraits of friends, colleagues and historical inspirations as well as prints about personal love and loss.

Landscape was approached by Wolff in a flat and modernist way, creating works of boldness and a rough lyricism.

Religion & Mythology

Command This Stone

Geometry of the Mask


Faces and Lovers



Mount Tamalpais